National Grid racing to restore gas service in Woburn

WOBURN, MASS. (WHDH) - National Grid is in a race to restore gas service to hundreds of people in Woburn.

Service had to be shut off because of a high-pressure issue.

The timeline to get it fixed is creating frustrations.

“It’s frustrating just because there is safety, there is kids. This is our home,” said Joann Ellington-Neves, who is without service.

National Grid shut off gas to more than 300 homes after the overpressurization of a gas line caused by what officials say was a mistake made by a crew doing routine maintenance.

“I am going to apologize again for putting you through this inconvenience. It was not our intent,” said Marcy Reed of National Grid.

At a news conference Tuesday night, National Grid apologized to their customers.

For many, the images from last month’s deadly gas disaster in the Merrimack Valley come to mind, where a similar incident caused explosions and fires.

“People are anxious about the gas issues we have had here in the Commonwealth,” Reed said. “What I assured her was that the situation here is safe, under control.”

More than 1,200 National Grid workers are currently locked out, forcing workers off the job due to a contract dispute.

Some blame Monday’s mistake on unqualified technicians.

National Grid says the incident has nothing to do with having management employees doing the work and the lockout will end.

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