National Guard troops arriving at US-Mexico border

(WHDH) — Along the vast United States-Mexico border, it’s not uncommon to see a US Border Patrol agent keeping watch.

According to the National Border Patrol Council, the agency is about 2,000 agents short of its Congressionally-mandated minimum.

But the Border Patrol is about to get some help — troops from the National Guard have started to arrive.

The move comes as a caravan of migrants make their way through Mexico, with some bound for the United States.

“I’m Mexican,” said Edna Morales, who lives in Arizona, “I think that they are treating us like we are bringing terror to the United States and crime and that’s not true.”

While the deployment is meant to help secure the southern line, United States law limits what the National Guard can do. Troops will not be able to enforce immigration laws.

Instead, the Guard will serve in support roles like training and construction.

Both presidents Bush and Obama sent troops to the border during their terms, though the moves were criticized as costly and of limited effectiveness.

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