Neighbor rushes to save elderly woman after she was hit by car in New Hampshire

Somersworth, N.H. (WHDH) — Luis Feliz is devastated after an elderly woman was hit by a car right in front of his New Hampshire home.  And the driver just took off.

“She was all the way by the stop sign so from that stop sign she landed three feet past the cross walk,” said Feliz. “and her shopping cart landed three houses down on the other side of road. Her shoes flew off, her hat flew off, her jacket flew off. When I moved her it looked like her leg was broken. It was just bad.”

This all happened at around 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

Feliz said he and another woman were holding the victim when she died.

“I yelled I lost her pulse,” said Feliz, “and then the nurse got up, and just let go of her neck and shook her head.”

Feliz left flowers and a poem at the scene.

Now he just hopes that the driver will be caught.

“That’s somebody’s mother or grandmother, sister, whatever,” said Feliz. “Shes a human being and I don’t think there’s an excuse for what that person did.”

Police say they will be doing an autopsy on the woman on Monday.

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