New device aims to help sinus infection sufferers

(NBC) — Mayte Diaz has been suffering from sinus infections for as long as she can remember.

She’s endured inflamed and clogged sinuses with symptoms that “pver-the-counter” medications sometimes only temporarily relieve.

One doctor, Dr. Mark Tabor, now recommends surgery for patients with chronic sinusitis. And for long-lasting effects, his go-to tool is Propel.

It’s a stent that keeps the sinus open after surgery while delivering an anti-inflammatory steroid directly to the sinus.

The stent eventually dissolves.

Dias had the procedure done in August.

“I did feel an immediate difference, and I feel great still,” she said.

While not guaranteed to be a permanent solution, the effects can be long-lating.

Dr. Tabor has performed the procedure on hundreds of patients, including some kids, and the doctor says the surgery – using the Propel device – is covered by insurance.