Newbury Street clothing store robbed

Police are searching for two suspects who robbed a clothing store on Newbury Street Wednesday afternoon.

Clerk Berna Kavalli said a man and woman were browsing the racks at Soodee while she was working behind the counter. Kavalli said the man approached her and engaged her in conversation before telling her they were going to rob her.

The woman was seen on surveillance camera demanding Kavalli give her the money from the cash register, threatening to hurt her if she did not give them anything. The entire exchange went on as customers were in the store.

Kavalli emptied the register and the two suspects took off with around $100 in cash. The police are now using the store’s surveillance camera to find the suspects.

"The money is not really important," said Kavalli. "We don’t carry too much in the register, of course. But it’s important what I felt at that time. It’s a hard experience."

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