Newly released court paperwork includes texts Spacey’s accuser sent during alleged assault

NANTUCKET, MASS. (WHDH) - On the night of the alleged 2016 sexual assault on Nantucket, Kevin Spacey’s accuser allegedly sent text messages to his girlfriend claiming the actor got him drunk and touched him inappropriately.

But Spacey’s defense team argue the texts do not tell the whole story.

Court paperwork released Thursday features screenshots of a text conversation that Spacey’s accuser had with his girlfriend during the alleged assault.

After learning her boyfriend was with Spacey, the accuser’s girlfriend wrote, “Sounds like he is hitting on you.”

The man responds, “Think he is. He’s grabbing my leg and [explative].”

The girlfriend writes back, “Are you trying to tell me something? Being gay is ok.”

Spacey’s accuser says, “I am not gay but I think Spacey is.”

The girlfriend then replies, “Hahaha ugh literally so jealous. Please take a selfie with him at some point.”

The accuser continues the conversation from the Club Car Restaurant throughout the night.

He tells his girlfriend Spacey pulled his zipper down and invited him back to his house.

The accuser then sends 18 consecutive text messages. Many of them asking for help.

“He reached down my pants. No this is Kevin ducking Spacey. He is buying me yet another drink. He’s bought me so many. I am drunk. Help.”

A 7News legal analyst Tom Hoopes says these texts can help both the defense and the prosecution to build their case.

“The word help, you know, is a sign pretty good, that someone is looking for help on the one hand,” Hoopes said. “On the other hand you know, the argument from the defense is going to be that he is 18. He may have been sloshed but he could have gotten up and walked away at any time. There is a little bit for everybody there. I think more for the defense than there is for the prosecution.”

Spacey’s defense said the texts are not time stamped and it is possible that the accuser deleted other text messages that could change the context.

The actor’s attorneys have asked for the accuser’s cellphone which right now is said to be missing.

The judge says they have until July 8 to turn over the phone.

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