‘Not a prediction, it’s a spoiler’: Patriots fan gets Super Bowl LIII champions tattoo

One very confident Patriots fan decided to put it in ink, getting a Super Bowl LIII champions tattoo before the season began.

“I wouldn’t have gotten a tattoo if I didn’t believe in it,” Brian Babikian said. “I wouldn’t have gotten a tattoo if I didn’t truly believe in this team.”

The tattoo may not seem like much of a gamble now as the Patriots head to Atlanta for the Super Bowl, but Babikian got the tattoo in August before the season even started.

The tattoo was born from a bet Babikian made on Instagram. He posted a photo and told his followers that he would get a “Patriots Super Bowl 53 Champions” tattoo if the photo got 10,000 likes.

“Took 10 hours to get 10,000 likes,” Babikian said.

Across the country, Rams fan Kenneth Dunham had the same idea in August, which led to him getting a tattoo saying, “Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Champions LIII.”

“It’s there forever. Everybody sees it,” Dunham said. “There’s a great story behind it. I love my team, I’ll always love my team.”

Both Dunham and Babikian remain confident in their teams.

“They’re not losing,” Babikian said. “It’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler.”

Even after a bit of a rocky season on the road, Babikian’s confidence in the team has not wavered.

“You’re going to have ups and downs but the true ones stay,” Babikian said. “The true ones are always there.”

He is certain his tattoo will become a reality.

“They’ll win it by double digits, so I’m going to say 31 to 21 Patriots.”

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