Nurses ‘sad and upset’ after cars broken into in Children’s Hospital garage

BOSTON (WHDH) - Two nurses say they are disappointed and saddened after someone broke into their cars at Children’s Hospital over the weekend, adding stress to an already troubling time.

Renee Cather and Suzanne Niro had just finished 12-hour shifts when they went to the Children’s Hospital parking garage and found their car windows shattered. The two nurses have been working at Children’s for 30 years and parking in the garage the whole time without a problem.

“I think sad … and upset is the first emotion that comes to mind when I think of it,” Cather said. “Especially given the fact that it was in the parking garage of Children’s Hospital.”

Police are reviewing security footage from surveillance cameras and the parking area is monitored by an attendant and a security team. But someone still managed to smash the driver’s side windows, taking a wallet from one car and an overnight bag with headphones from another, with parking lot staff recovering some other items under another car.

Cather said the hospital has seen many scared parents coming in with children that have coronavirus symptoms, and some positive cases as well.

Niro said she could understand how someone unemployed from the coronavirus could be driven to burglary, but said families facing the virus could have been the victims.

“[It’s] disappointing that someone would do that at a hospital. It could have been a family with a sick child and added so much stress,” Niro said. “It’s definitely left a mark on me and is a disappointment event to have occurred.”

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