Officer responding to party seriously hurt, 3 others injured in crash in Framingham

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - A police officer responding to a large house party was badly hurt and three others were injured in head-on crash in Framingham overnight.

Officials said that a Framingham police officer was responding as back-up to an out-of-control party when a sedan, occupied by three people, collided with his pick-up truck.

Officials extricated the officer from his truck. He was flown to an area hospital via medial helicopter with serious injuries. The driver of the sedan was also flown to the hospital.

The two passengers in the sedan suffered minor injuries. Police officials said the officer is in stable condition. The driver of the sedan was said to be stable as well.

“The officer sustained substantial injuries. He’s going to be in recovery for awhile, but I would say he is stable,” Chief Kenneth Ferguson said.

Ferguson said his officer was working a detail when he heard a desperate radio call for help. A handful officers responded to the party, which had more than 600 people in attendance, according to court paperwork.

“Fights began to break out. It got out of control,” Ferguson said.

Two people were arrested, including Keith Worthy, who said he rented the house for his 21st birthday. Worthy said he never intended for things to get out of hand.

The cause of this crash remains under investigation, but Ferguson believes that the car involved in the crash may have been coming from the party. No arrests have been made in regards to the crash.

Worthy and a second individual appeared in court Friday and were released personal recognizance. They are due back in court at a later date.

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