Officers injured in East Boston shootout honored at BPD hockey game

EAST BOSTON, Mass. (WHDH) — Two officers who were shot in the line of duty are out of the hospital and in the spotlight on Wednesday.

Officer Matthew Morris and Officer Richard Cintolo were caught in the crossfire during a shootout in East Boston.

Both officers were honored before Wednesday night hockey game between Boston Police and Bruins alumni.

The officers dropped the puck at the game.

It’s first time they’ve been seen in public since the shootout six weeks ago.

“Yeah, they’re doing well. It’s a long recovery. Matt just got out this week. Rich was out. Thanksgiving we’ve got a lot to be thankful for. They get to be home and enjoy Thanksgiving with their family,” said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans.

The pair were seen hugging one of their fellow officers who saved their lives.

Mayor Marty Walsh knows the Morris family from Dorchester, and said there’s a lot to be thankful for.

“Last time I saw his brother and Dad they were in the hospital and they weren’t smiling and tonight they’re smiling. They have a lot to be grateful for as all of us do you know,” said Mayor Walsh.

Boston Police scored the first goal, but with Cintolo and Morris joined by family, everyone feels like a winner.

“I just went in and talked to the Bruins, they’re grateful to be here. It’s nice to be able to laugh and celebrate on the night before Thanksgiving,” said Mayor Walsh.


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