Oklahoma woman arrested after slamming into Oklahoma police cruiser

An Oklahoma police officer was forced to shoot at a car as it barreled toward him during a high speed chase that led him to an elementary school campus.

As Officer Matt Stacy stopped his cruiser to put down a spike strip, 41-year-old Stacey Ann Bunsey drove toward him at nearly 50 miles per hour. 

As Bunsey approached, Stacy was forced to draw his gun and pulled the trigger.

Bunsey slammed into the cruiser and Stacy hit the ground. 

Stacy suffered minor injuries. 

According to the police chief, Stacy made the right choice as the SUV came at him with force.

"That wasn’t the sound of braking,” said Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter. “That was the sound of an accelerator. The suspect made the intentional turn toward the officer, and his vehicle and rammed the vehicle."

After the crash, Stacy got up off of the ground to arrest the driver.

Officers told Bunsey to put her hands up.

Police said after not obeying orders several times, officers used a taser and Bunsey fell back into the vehicle.

Officer Stacy then climbed on top of her car, entered through the sunroof and arrested the suspect.

Carter said it was an event that could have been avoided.

"She has the whole western part of the roadway,” said Carter. “Two lanes which she could have utilized to just bypass the officer and there would have been no deadly force encounter."

Bunsey is now being held at Tulsa County Jail.

Her arrest report said she had suicidal thoughts and is suspected of driving under the influence.

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