SOMERVILLE, MASS. (WHDH) - An Orange Line train has been disabled in Somerville due to a fire Thursday morning, forcing 200 passengers to walk along the tracks to safety, and some of those passengers to jump out train windows to escape.

“It was chaos for about two minutes there was no announcement or anything. Finally when we got the doors open we had to hop in-between cars and hop down onto the tracks there,” said one passenger.

“We felt stranded. We felt no help,” said another passenger who assisted in getting people out of the car.

At approximately 6:45 a.m. smoke and flames could be seen coming from a train approaching Assembly Station, according to an MBTA spokesperson, forcing 200 passengers to evacuate. MBTA personnel assisted passengers to walk off the train, but some did evacuate through windows in the first car.

Public safety personnel picked up a person who had jumped into the water after exiting the train. The person declined medical attention.

No injuries were reported. Power was turned off between Wellington and Assembly. Somerville and Medford Fire Departments responded.

According to the MBTA, the fire was caused by a part on the underside of the train coming loose and hitting the third rail. The MBTA said that the train and part in question were inspected on June 23.

Shuttle buses replaced service between Oak Grove and Community College.

“They need a better system to be honest, they really do. I take this train every day to and from work, its always something with these trains,” said one passenger who was waiting for the crowded shuttle buses.

Nick Andreucci, who was on the first car of the train, said he felt a couple of big thuds and thought it was normal. Once the train reached the bridge over Mystic River, Andreucci said the thuds began to get heavier and he began to see smoke coming out.

“Everyone that was in the front of the car, where the fire started, we all migrated to the back of the car,” said Andreucci.

Andreucci said another man then kicked out the window so he and the other passengers could escape.

“Another gentleman kicked out the window and we all started jumping out,” said Andreucci. “Then me and two other passengers that were outside started helping whoever was on the car jump out of the window to make sure everyone was alright.”

The passengers then walked on the tracks to get to safety.

“It’s shocking, but not shocking at the same time with all the recent news of the MBTA and the Orange Line and the Red Line all having their problems,” said Andreucci. “It’s not the first time I’ve heard the train catch on fire either. It’s awful, but it’s kind of our daily life here in Boston taking the train.”

The train has since been brought to the Wellington rail yard for an investigation. The MBTA Track and Power Departments are at the incident location inspecting infrastructure.

The MBTA has notified the FTA and the NTSB of the incident.

State lawmakers condemned the MBTA in the aftermath of the incident.

“The images of this morning’s Orange Line fire and the on-track evacuation of passengers are dramatic illustrations of the public safety threats posed by the current state of affairs at the MBTA and further evidence of the need for the oversight hearings being undertaken by the Transportation Committee,” said committee co-chairs state Rep. William Straus and state Sen. Brendan Crighton.

“As we await findings from the investigations to come, it is clear that despite assurances from the Baker administration that the MBTA’s safety management program is now on a proper footing, significant improvement is still needed,” they added. “Our thoughts are with those who experienced this frightening situation and we hope everyone is safe. We are in the process of scheduling additional hearings and look forward to continuing our examination in the months to come.”

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