Package containing 30 pounds of marijuana sent to popular Boston radio station

BOSTON (WHDH) - The Boston Police Department seized a large package containing 30 pounds of marijuana after it was discovered Tuesday in the mailroom at a popular Boston radio station.

Officers responding to recover a package at HOT 96.9 on Morrissey Boulevard about 6:45 p.m. found a package containing 20 bags of “a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana,” according to Boston police.

20 bags of suspected marijuana recovered in a package Tuesday. Courtesy Boston Police Department.

The package and its contents have since been forwarded to the State Lab for analysis.

Station radio host Ramiro Torres shared a photo of the marijuana on Instagram, along with the caption, “In case you missed our story this morning, this is why everyone wants to work in our mailroom now.”

The package had been kicking around for quite some time but it was not giving off an odor like one would expect.

“It was in there for a couple of weeks,” Torres said. “I guess it was very, very, very professionally wrapped and contained.”

While marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, a haul worth tens of thousands of dollars is not.

“The police were called,” Torres said. “Unfortunately a party pooper called the police.”

The package was not addressed to any specific individual at the station.

ALT 92.9 and WROR 105.7, both of which are Beasley Media Group stations, also broadcast from the same building.

Police are working to determine where the marijuana originated from.

An investigation is ongoing.

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