Passenger called 911 after MBTA bus crashed several times

STONEHAM, MA (WHDH) - An MBTA bus passenger spoke to 7News about how he called 911 on his bus driver for allegedly driving erratically and crashing.

Doug Bowles said he has taken the same Route 132 bus with the same driver for months and knew something was off Thursday when the bus arrived late to its stop in Malden.

“He just seemed to be moving in a fog. There was something not quite right,” said Bowles.

Bowles said the driver hit the curb and drove up on the curb a few times. He also allegedly hit a tree and a parked Xfinity van in Melrose. Bowles said after hitting the van, the driver got out and looked before getting back on and driving off.

“I decided I can’t sit here,” said Bowles. “If something happens, I’m going to feel horrible if I didn’t do anything. So I made the phone call.”

Bowles dialed 911 and told the dispatcher he was concerned the driver may be drunk.

The driver received a summons for leaving the scene of a crash. The MBTA said they are investigating if he was under the influence of prescription medication.

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