People with these names are clumsiest, most accident-prone in America, data shows

(WHDH) — A pre-settlement funding service recently discovered the names of the clumsiest people in the United States after analyzing internal data on personal injury claims.

Uplift Legal Funding says it found that people named Kyle and Hailey are the most accident-prone men and women in the country.

Research also showed that women are 37 percent more likely to fall over than men, and men are 23 percent more likely to have an accident in the home.

The 10 most accident-prone names are said to be:


  1. Kyle
  2. Blake
  3. Brian
  4. Ryan
  5. Daniel


  1. Hailey
  2. Taylor
  3. Linda
  4. Barbara
  5. Kimberley

Names were ranked by the frequency of them appearing when reviewing cases that involved the claimant encountering an incident causing personal injuries, such as slips, trips and falls in the workplace and at home or in a public setting, according to the funding service.

“Names are an important aspect of our lives, whether we’re deciding what to name a new addition or dealing with a name given to us, they’re a huge deal,” said Jared Stern, owner of Uplift Legal Funding. “There’s even science out there to suggest that our names can have an impact on our lives, with the power to affect our personalities and even our physicality.”

Stern added, “I hope for all the Kyles and Haileys out there, the research isn’t completely accurate!”

To view a full list of “clumsy” names, click here.

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