Pilot escapes with minor injuries after plane crashes on road, bursts into flames

MUKILTEO, Wash. (WHDH) — A pilot escaped with only bumps and bruises after a small plane came crashing out of the sky in Washington state, scraping several vehicles.

“We saw the plane losing altitude as if it was trying to glide to make a landing,” said witness Amanda Hayes. “It diverted to Harbor Point Boulevard and that’s when we noticed it was rapidly losing maintainable altitude.”

Hayes said the plane’s wing clipped the side of her work van as she and her co-worker ducked under the dashboard. As the plane came down to the road, Hayes said it burst into a fireball.

The pilot, a man from Oregon, said shortly after taking off, the plane’s engine failed and then he lost power. Police said the pilot knew the road would be his best shot for landing, which is why he steered in that direction.

As the plane descended, police said it clipped power lines and then hit a light pole, which ruptured the plane’s fuel cell. It finally skidded to a stop on the pavement.

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