PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WHDH) — Neighbors said a person was walking two dogs, when a pit bull got loose from the owners grasp and attacked the smaller dogs.

Ray clement said it happened just down the street from his Pawtucket, Rhode Island home.

A family friend was walking his two dogs, Petey, a white jack russell mix, and Holly, a black mini pincher, while he was at work Tuesday evening.

A woman and her pit bull were at a house across the street.

"It got away from her grasp, charged across the street, attacked the white dog you saw earlier, pinned him to the ground, was shaking him, biting his neck very very badly," said Ray Clement.

"I think that's the only thing that saved him from being killed probably," said Clement.

That's because when the pit bull was attacking Petey, he said Holly started barking at the dog, who then dropped Petey and turned its attention on her.

"He bit her through the face, she's got a hole underneath her jaw where tooth went through, and she has a broken jaw," Clement said.

Animal Control in Pawtucket said the dog's owner is from Woonsocket, Rhode Island and told police she was visiting Pawtucket with the pit bull, which is prohibited.

In fact, despite a new state law that prohibits a city or town from outlawing a breed of dog or cat, the city is still enforcing its ban on pit bulls.

"A lot of pain and suffering involved, plus monetary damage, so if someone were to ask me what do you think of the law, keep it on the books," said Clement.

More than $2,000 in vet bills already, Clement said he'll pursue restitution civilly from the pit bull owner as animal control said they're still investigating what charges may be filed.

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