Playing Possum

Nice weekend, eh? All that glorious sun sealed the deal for highs in the 50s. And the snow pack? Caught a bad fever…

We’ve almost sliced it in half in parts of Southern New England.

Cold is taking hold for the long haul. Wind chills will cut right through you in the coming days, and temperatures will fall to the teens at night and upper 20s during the day. Yep, that means our HIGH temps will be around our normal LOWS for this time of year!

Next storm is down and away (mostly offshore). There are some flakes flying across New England Wednesday, but this is hardly the storm we had feared – and that the pattern could produce with this kind of set up.

Question is, will it stay stay dead? With a stagnant pattern like this – which some are predicting could last until the second week in March, we can’t let our guard down. See that picture above? That’s your jetstream (in early March, mind you). Storms move from west to east along those black lines, with a pool of cold (in blue) to the north inserting the cold.

See the concern?

One element of change will be the introduction of storms into the West. California finally gets soaked, but what becomes of that late week storm? And with cold pinned down across the Great Lakes, will it come to us as snow? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, I’m downplaying the Wed. & Sat. events and focusing on next Monday.

We’ll lay low for now, but keep your guard (and collars) up.