Police: Dog rescued from hot car while owner was in jail

AUBURN, Maine (AP) — Police in Maine say a woman who was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting left her dog in a hot car when she was taken into custody.

The Sun Journal reports 37-year-old Season Bartley, of Poland, was arrested with her fiancé Saturday at a Wal-Mart in Auburn. Police say a good Samaritan called 911 the next day when she saw Bartley’s dog in the car alone. The temperature inside the car was 103 degrees.

The dog was taken to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston. Bartley picked the dog up after she was released on bail.

Auburn Deputy Police Chief Jason Moen says Bartley was taken to jail by the department’s canine officer but “still didn’t think to mention it.”

Bartley didn’t return a request for comment Wednesday.

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