Police: Girl scares off robbers from her Florida house

ORLANDO (WHDH) — An 11-year-old girl managed to scare away a group of suspected robbers when they broke into her house in Florida.

Ashley said she heard the suspects smash a window in her house and she got scared and called 911. She then ran to her room and hid in a closet. When the suspects encountered her inside, police said they fled.

“They kicked it open and when they saw me, they ran out and they left,” said Ashley.

Police said the suspects took off in a stolen car, crashing a few minutes later. The adult driver was taken to the hospital and arrested. Two juveniles ran into the woods and were arrested. Police said they are still looking for another suspect. Officials commended Ashley for her quick-thinking to call 911 right away.

Ashley said the suspects stole her family’s Christmas gifts, along with their TV.

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