Police: Middle school teacher first of 4 killed in string of gang-related shootings

(WHDH) — Four unsolved deadly shootings, the first of which claimed the life of a middle school teacher in August, could be connected and linked to gang-related activity in San Bernardino, California, officials announced Wednesday.

Nancy Magana, 25, was shot at random when two men approached the pickup truck she was sitting in with her boyfriend and young son on Aug. 17, San Bernadino Police Chief Eric McBride said at a news conference.

The other three victims, who were targeted and killed between August 2019 and January 2020, were possibly known to their attackers, according to McBride. The suspects used handguns and high-powered rifles in the killings.

Investigators say all of the killings happened on the west side of Interstate 215, which is said to be known for high gang activity.

During the press conference, the San Bernadino Police Department shared surveillance videos with the public in an effort to identify the suspected gang members.

San Bernardino Police Department

“There are people out there that saw these homicides, saw these shootings, that saw what happened, and we need those folks to come forward,” McBride said.

Police identified the other victims as a pair of 24-year-old men and a 33-year-old man.

A fifth victim, a 21-year-old man who crashed after he was shot while driving, survived and was taken to the hospital. His daughter died in the crash.

Police have since upped patrols in the area of the shootings.

An investigation remains ongoing.

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