Police officer helps deliver baby at Pennsylvania house

SHARON, Penn. (WHDH) — An expectant mother home alone in Pennsylvania gave birth to a baby girl with help from a police officer who rushed over just in time.

Tamara Brockman said she had been having weak contractions all day Friday before they intensified that night, two weeks ahead of her due date. Brockman called 911 and Officer Geoff Ballard came to help before the ambulance arrived.

“I asked her some basic questions, how far along she was. She said she was 37 weeks. And she said her water didn’t break so I thought we still had time,” said Ballard. Less than 30 seconds later, Brockman’s water broke and Ballard helped deliver her baby girl, Ja’Naya.

“It seemed like a whirlwind. It seemed like everything happening very quickly,” said Ballard. “Probably less than three minutes after the time I got there that the baby was completely delivered.”

Brockman and Ja’Naya were taken to the hospital, where both are happy and healthy. They are expected to be released in the next couple of days and Brockman said she is grateful that Ballard was there to help her.

“Thank God for him being there. Sharon’s finest. Thank you,” said Brockman.

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