Police: Officer thrown down flight of stairs when Lowell party turns into violent melee

LOWELL, MASS. (WHDH) - A police officer in Lowell was thrown down a flight of stairs over the weekend and several people were arrested when an out-of-control party turned into a violent melee, officials said.

Officers responding to an apartment on Westford Street for noise complaints issued a warning to partygoers on two occasions but had to return to the home for a third time when orders to quiet down went ignored.

Charlie Mith, 23, threatened one officer, threw a punch at him and shoved him down a flight of stairs, according to a police report.

“During the course of the altercation, Mr. Mith was also yelling, stating that he was going to kill police officers, screaming that over and over again,” Prosecutor Andrew Ineson said.

One officer could be heard frantically calling for backup as things escalated at 23-year-old Charles Kong’s birthday celebration.

“Send more units to Westford Street. Tell them to hurry up! We need taser deployment,” an officer said as he radioed in for help.

Mith was tased and taken into custody. Kong was also arrested, along with 22-year-old Tevin Siriouthay, 22-year-old Anthony Guerra and 28-year-old Michelle Meak, the police report indicated.

Empty beers cans and liquor bottles were left scattered all over the property.

“Everybody likes to have a party once in a while but you have to stay within the parameters. If it gets loud, you have to take it down. If they tell you to knock it off, you knock it off. You don’t turn it into a big brawl,” neighbor Jerry Ryan said.

All five individuals have since been released from custody. They are due back in court at a later date.

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