Police officers escort Whitman toddler to hospital for his second open heart surgery

WHITMAN, MASS. (WHDH) - A community is rallying around a Whitman toddler who is set to undergo his second open-heart surgery on Wednesday.

Police officers from local towns gathered to escort Nathaniel Rodman, also known as “Nate the Great,” and his family to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Nathaniel was born with kidney issues and heart abnormalities, including Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, unroofed coronary sinus, bilateral SVC, and hydronephrosis.

He has since undergone seven procedures on his heart and kidney, including his first open-heart surgery at 5 weeks old.

Nathaniel’s dad, Matt, who is also a Randolph police officer, said that they are touched by the outpouring support from the community as his son braces for his second open-heart surgery.

“We’ve always had the support of everyone, like my wife said, but to see the police support here, people that I work with, surrounding communities, people that I don’t even know, people who have no idea who we are, to be here, it really just says a lot and it’s just heartwarming,” he said.

Randolph police Det. Lt. Melissa Greener added, “This is truly like a family for us and that’s what police work is. We come together for family in times of need and that’s what we want to do for him.”

Later in the evening, Nathaniel’s dad said his surgery went well and that he is recovering at the hospital.

“Nate’s surgery was a great success. The surgeon was able to make all the necessary repairs and his heart function is perfect!! Nate is now resting comfortably in the CICU and is in the best hands!”

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