Police officers rescue choking puppy in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE (WHDH) — Several police officers were involved in a dramatic rescue Thursday when they saved a puppy who was choking on a piece of cheese.

The police officers were investigating a report of a stolen car at a Kicks 66 gas station in Albuquerque. Matthew Benavidez said he saw a woman run up to the police officers for help.

“This lady, she had some puppies in her truck and I guess one of them started choking on a piece of cheese,” said Benavidez. “She was really distressed about it. She was crying a lot.”

The officers looked in the puppy’s mouth and the woman told them he was choking. Officers pat him on the back several times before he coughed the cheese up and was breathing again.

“It was a blessing that the cops were here,” said Benavidez.

The puppy is now doing fine. The woman said she is grateful the police officers were there when she needed them.

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