Police shoot man after Salisbury domestic dispute

One man was shot and killed by police Thursday afternoon when officers were called to respond to a domestic dispute in Salisbury.

The man was shot outside the home in the road after an altercation with at least three police officers.

“As police responded a motor vehicle, while fleeing the scene of a domestic dispute, deliberately crashed into a Salisbury Police cruiser. A 29-year-old male exited the vehicle armed with a knife and a machete. Multiple attempts were made by police on the scene to disarm the male, including the use of a Taser, ultimately police shot and killed the male,” Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said.

A man who lives nearby said he heard police yell at the man before shooting him.

“I just heard to police yell ‘get down’ and then I heard the gunshots. I saw all the cops then I went up on my roof to see what was going on because all the houses were blocking it and that’s when I saw the body. I saw the bloody body lying on the ground, it was pretty horrific, it was pretty disgusting I’ve never seen anything like it,” Cliff Chatman said,

One man and one woman were taken to the hospital where they are being treated for stab wounds.

It is unclear what the relationship between the suspect and the victims was, or how the incident began.

As of late Thursday night the two victims were still in very serious condition according to the District Attorney’s Office.