Police: Woman, dog viciously attacked by 3 pit bulls in Marlborough

MARLBOROUGH, MASS. (WHDH) - Three pit bulls escaped from a house and mauled a woman who was walking her German Shepherd in Marlborough Saturday, injuring both and requiring a neighbor to jump in to pull the attacking dogs away.

Marlborough police say the dogs broke through a window screen around 9:11 a.m. as the woman and her dog, Keisha, were walking by on Berlin Road.

A neighbor and the dogs’ owner rushed over to pull the pit bulls away, according to police.

Both the woman and the dog suffered several bite wounds and the woman may have a broken finger, police said, but both are expected to recover. Keisha is recovering at Tufts University.

The pit bulls’ owner told 7’s Erick Kane that he blamed himself for leaving the window open. The owner also said the dogs are currently being quarantined and being tested for rabies, and have never attacked anyone before.

But Alan White, a close friend of the woman, said he’s warned the pit bulls’ owner about the dogs before.

“It’s a damn shame what happened,” White said. “You know I told him. That dog, those dogs need to be confined on a leash. He has no responsibility to keep them controlled. The inevitable happened this morning. We are lucky it wasn’t a child.”

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