Prince’s lasting impression on New England

Prince’s music left a lasting impact in New England. 

Matt Phipps, program director for 92.5 The River, there was prince, and then there was everybody else. 

A musician who was always impressive, recording hit after hit, produced albums that will stand the test of time with singles that are on heavy rotation, now that this music legend has died. 

"Yeah we are playing the hits but we’re digging deep into controversy, Purple Rain, 1999 and Sign of the Times," Phipps said. 

But Phipps believes Prince truly shined on stage in front of crowds around the world. 

"Whenever somebody posts about seeing Prince, it’s always ended with ‘And it was the best concert I ever saw,’" Phipps said. 

A performer that Phipps said had the skill to take someone’s breath away. 

"It was the gasp, because if you ever watch Prince walk out on the stage of an award show the whole crowd goes, he was so magnetic," he said. 

For fans, he was one of a kind. 

"I think Prince was the greatest talent of this era, superb, good actor, his music was fabulous, the best, we’ll miss him," Phipps said. 

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