Researchers are investigating whether a probiotic might be helpful to reduce stomach inflammation in infants with colic.

Little Avery cries but her parents say it is nothing like it was before. “It started when she was a week old and she cried all day and all night,” said Leslie Ruiz, mother.

The first time parents say Avery cried six to eight hours a day.

“At first everybody kept telling me she is a baby she is going to cry but in our hearts we knew that it was not right,” Leslie said.

The Ruiz’ tried different formulas and medications and then decided to take part in a study investigating if a probiotic may help babies with colic.

“We were pretty desperate at that time and were willing to try anything,” said Avery’s mother.

“These are babies that cry for more than three hours a day – more than three days a week – more than three weeks of age and they get better three to four months of age,” said Pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Marc Rhoads.

Pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Marc Rhoads says colic is fairly common but extremely stressful – and is associated with depression in parents.

“It was actually used as a technique to get patients to confess to their crimes at Guantanamo bay – they piped in the sound of crying babies,” Dr. Rhoads said.

The study will determine the safety of a health promoting bacteria called – lactobacillus reuteri, and if it will reduce gut inflammation.

“If studies in Europe are true we are going to find that the babies have less crying time as early as two – three weeks as they start taking them,” said Dr. Rhoads.

Avery’s parents say it worked for her.

“There is a complete change she is 200 percent better…definitely drops initiated it…about three weeks you could see a definite change in her,” said Leslie.

“It is so fun to come home from work now and just see a happy baby,” said Avery’s father.

The probiotic was tested for three years on adults and Dr. Rhoads said it was found to be safe before this study could begin on infants.

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