Record 14 pound baby born in South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina (WHDH) — A South Carolina couple welcomed a record-setting baby into the world.

Their newborn son, Colin, is 14 pounds. That is the largest baby the hospital has ever delivered.

Colin is double the size of an average newborn and weighs as much as a four to five month old infant.

His parents say they are having a hard time finding clothes for their big newborn.

“I walked in and they’re like ‘hey how can I help you today.’ I’m like, ‘well I’m here to find something my son can fit into,” said father Arthur Keisler, “and they said ‘oh is he a premie’ I’m like, ‘no he’s kind of the biggest baby ever born here.'”

The last record-holder baby at Lexington Medical Center was born in 1987 weighing 13 pounds, 12 ounces.

Nurses were keeping an eye on Colin’s blood sugar levels but said mother and baby are both healthy and were set to go home Monday.


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