Rescued cat ‘defying the odds’ after North Brookfield nonprofit performs life-saving surgery

NORTH BROOKFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - A North Brookfield nonprofit animal hospital performed an unusual surgery to save the life of a cat who has had a long road to health and happiness, officials said.

Veterinarian Kristen Cormier first met Buddy last year when he came to Second Chance Animal Services’ North Brookfield Community Veterinary Hospital to be neutered.

His owner had fed him outside her home for three years, slowly winning his trust. She took apart a dog carrier, insulated it, and added blankets for him in the winter so he could stay warm.

Soon, Buddy was sleeping inside but a digestive issue led to him returning to the hospital.

“Euthanasia was discussed as a way to end his suffering,” Cormier said. “I kept in touch with his owner over the weekend, but nothing was happening. I researched a procedure that would help Buddy and told his owner that I had never done it before but if she was up for trying it then so was I. I came in on Monday hoping to solve his problems for good.”

Cormier removed 90 percent of Buddy’s colon in a procedure not commonly performed in private practice – a subtotal colectomy. The procedure went very well, and Buddy had a very smooth recovery.

“Buddy is defying the odds and his long-term outlook is great,” she said.

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