WATERTOWN, Mass. (WHDH) — From his third-floor window, as low and close to the window he could get, Andrew Kitzenberg snapped pictures of a gun battle raging between police and the suspected Boston Marathon bombers outside his Watertown home.

“When they started use explosives I knew it was something much more significant and pretty much knew who I was looking at,” Andrew Kitzenberg said.

“Every house on the street has bullets in it,” said Jennings Aske. a Watertown resident. “And every car is damaged in some way.”

Days after the shootout, Jennings Aske still can't believe the pictures he snapped from his Laurel Street home.

“The older brother standing just absolutely brazening facing the police, not in a crouched, defensive position just standing there firing some kind of handgun from his left arm,” said Aske.

Kitzenberg says he saw both brothers shooting and both getting more explosives and ammunition from the cars.

“And he was running down the street still engaging in gunfire,” Kitzenberg said. “Ran down the street as he got closer to the officers, he was taken down. And as that happened, the younger brother got back into the SUV, turned it around, and then he started accelerating down the street.”

Neighbors say after police left the scene, they were still finding BB’s and pieces of metal in their shrubs, believed to have come from the pressure cooker bombs that the suspects were throwing at police.

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