Residents of Pelham, New Hampshire said they were stunned to hear of a double shooting during a wedding at a local church Saturday that left one person in serious condition.

Dale Halloway, 37, was charged with assault after allegedly shooting bishop Stanley Choate, 75, at a wedding Saturday morning. Choate is in serious condition at Tufts Medical Center.

Another woman was shot in the arm before Halloway was tackled by wedding guests, police said.

“It’s something you don’t have here in this little town of Pelham,” said Daniel Britt, who lives near the church. “It kinda stuns the community. I’ve known the congregation people a long time. They’re nice people. This don’t happen around here. Farmers, good people good neighbors.”

“I think it’s a shame,” said Hal Lynze. “I think people at the church they’re good people. They’re an asset to the town. I feel overwhelmed.”

Police say the shooting was not random but are still investigating the motive of the shooter.

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