Ringing in the Cold

Christmas is certainly not like New Year’s this year. So where’d all that warm air go??

On vacation…for a while. Cold is your partner now – although not bitterly cold.

After a morning in the low/mid 10s, we’ll recover (somewhat) to the upper 20s/low 30s tomorrow. Light winds won’t have you wailing, but they’ll be enough to keep wind chills in the teens. Same for tomorrow night. So make sure you dress for the wind chill and not the air temperature.

Seems will break the peace and quiet with a storm this weekend. However, this is not a big snowstorm for us in Southern New England. This is a changeover situation coming into the Northeast.

Why are we so confident in the snow-mix-rain setup? First, this isn’t a nor’easter. Nor is this a storm that “may or may not form”. This thing is coming, and we’ve seen this outcome dozens of times. Track takes it to our west, and gives us a classic setup of (plowable) snow and icing outside of 495 and into Southern New Hampshire and rain along the coast/Capes.

Most of the accumulating snow should come to us in a mini-burst Saturday afternoon/evening. What gives this idea credence is the fact that a little bleb of cold air will drop in late Friday night before the storm gets here. This mini cold-shot ensures that we don’t go immediately from snow to rain, and instead get a few hours of snow before the changeover.

It also makes it harder to pry all the cold air out of Southern New England. So once the upper levels warm up, there will be ice in Central Mass and Southern NH. (That magenta shading in the map to the right.)

All told, 2-5 inches of snow at stake (lines to be drawn later) here in Southern New England. We’ll keep you apprised.

Be well, be safe, be warm this New Year’s!!!