Sen. Cory Booker on impeachment inquiry: ‘Trump’s enemy is the truth’

BOSTON (WHDH) - Days after warning he may have to drop out of the 2020 presidential race, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is still all-in on a White House bid.

Booker has received more endorsements than any other candidate in New Hampshire and says he’s the one who can unify the country.

He threatened to drop out of the race if his campaign failed to reach its fundraising goal, but a recent haul has things back on track.

Booker told CNN’s Jake Tapper that his campaign has now raised more than $1.5 million.

“We did real math. We said what will it take for us to grow our campaigns in the early primary states,” Booker told 7’s Sharman Sacchetti.

Booker is still struggling to register with voters in New Hampshire and other early states.

“First of all, thank God I’m polling where I’m polling because never in the history of our party, our lifetime, has somebody been polling ahead at this time for the Democratic Party and gone on to be president,” Booker said when asked about the future of his campaign given his low polling numbers.

Booker says he can work across the aisle to get things done.

He wholeheartedly supports the impeachment inquiry into President Trump and isn’t worried about it potentially backfiring on Democrats in 2020.

“I think Donald Trump’s enemy is the truth. One of the reasons he lies so much is to obscure the truth,” Booker said. “These impeachment proceedings are going to reveal a lot of truth about the way this president conducts himself in the office.”

For now, Booker says he’s staying focused on his presidential bid.

“I’ve got my eyes on the prize and I think I’ve got the message the country needs,” he said.

Booker says his campaign plans to use its recent cash infusions to hire more staff, open new field offices, and build its email list.

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