Several Hull residents rescued from floodwaters caused by nor’easter

HULL, Mass. (WHDH) – Several Hull residents have been rescued from floodwaters caused by Thursday’s nor’easter.

Hull got around 13 inches of snow by 6 p.m. on Thursday, with wind gusts reaching up to 39 miles per hour. Some residents were trapped inside of their homes due to the flooding, some without power.

Police and fire officials in Hull said they performed about 50 rescues due to flooding. One woman, Tina Bongo, was rescued with the help of a front-end loader as her house started to flood. Bongo climbed into the bucket of the loader from her second floor window. There was too much ice and water around her home for her to get out safely by foot.

“I was thinking, wow, there are so many people helping me right now because there were so many emergency personnel. I didn’t even have time to be scared, it was just great,” said Bongo.

The city opened Memorial Middle School as a temporary shelter for those who had to evacuate.

Hull officials said the tide has finally receded but they are waiting to see how the next high tide, around 1 a.m., impacts the area.

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