Several vehicles damaged by debris in roadway on I-93 during morning commute

(WHDH) — Several vehicles were damaged by debris on the highway in Woburn early Thursday morning, causing a traffic headache for drivers and leaving those impacted stranded on the side of the highway.

Joan Anderson says it all happened in a split second, leaving her black Prius broken down with not only a flat tire but possible damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle as well.

“I just heard a pop, and it ripped my entire tire apart,” she said. “At 5 o’clock in the morning, heading in the opposite direction from the traffic, you don’t expect you’re going to end up with something in the middle of the road, so it was really rather a shock.”

Anderson was one of at least 14 drivers who ended up with flat tires on I-93 northbound near Montvale Avenue in Woburn and Stoneham.

State troopers and MassDOT officials responded to the scene after a large piece of steel, which may have fallen off a truck, ended up lying across several lanes of the highway.

A parade of tow trucks was dispatched to 93, with crews scrambling to remove the damaged cars that were stacking up in the breakdown lane.

For Anderson, a teacher on her first day of summer vacation, it wasn’t exactly a smooth start to the season but she’s just glad everyone’s OK.

State police say they still aren’t sure where that piece of steel came from but they are still investigating.

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