Sharon family has high hopes for new marijuana market

SHARON, MASS. (WHDH) - Brian Striar and his wife, Lynne, have high hopes when it comes to the Massachusetts marijuana market.

“We’re producing everything, we’re selling everything,” said the Sharon man who, along with his wife, is sending the stereotype of the pot enthusiast up in smoke.

Now in their fifties, Brian and Lynne have been together since high school. He was a real estate developer in his professional life. She was a stay at home mom raising their four daughters, which explains their company name: Four Daughters Compassionate Care.

“It’s really one of the things that are driving us,” said Brian. “To create this legacy for our children,” Lynne added.

Joining the company is family friend Stan Rosen, a 72-year-old with six grandchildren.

“[This] was not what I was anticipating…doing in my retirement,” he said.

Rosen made a career out of drugs — as a pharmacist. But he’s never even tried pot.

“No, I’ve never tried it,” he said. “And I’ve certainly had access to it.”

The plan is for their office space in Sharon to be their dispensary. In the back of the building, stoves and countertops will replace the pallets and racks that currently sit there to become an industrial kitchen.

The couple hopes to make marijuana cookies, brownies, chocolate bars and other things.

Their goal is for Four Daughters to be self-contained, so from the storefront and the kitchen, they also plan to have their own growing facility in the backyard.

“The most important piece in the whole industry is cultivation,” said Brian.

The growing facility will be equipped with an irrigation system, heat lamps and everything needed to grow marijuana plants. The facility has about 17,000 square feet of flowering space, according to Striar.

The Striars have been studying the business and the plant itself for the last 10 years. It began when a close family member was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“It was all about the medical aspects of cannabis that drove us to the business,” said Brian.

Then just a few years later, Brian was diagnosed with cancer.

The family’s interest in the medicinal power of marijuana began there and “just snowballed,” said Lynne.

So when recreational use was made legal in Massachusetts, the couple decided to go all in.

“Medical marijuana can help so many people,” said Lynne. “Now with this adult market, adults can go just this recreationally like they can go to a liquor store and get a bottle of wine.”

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