CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - Police are turning to the public for tips after a bound and shot cat died after being found in Cambridge on Thursday, and residents said they’re horrified at the act of cruelty and are concerned about reports of other missing cats.

“He was the most wonderful cat, a lot of us have ever encountered,” said Erika Kirichenko, who said she was devastated by the death of her cat Gosha. “The sheer cruelty of this… just taints every single happy memory you had with them.”

Neighbor Katlyn Darling said she heard meowing when she went outside on Hurley Street Thursday morning, and when she looked under a car found found Gosha, whose hind legs had been bound with masking tape.

Animal Control officials took the cat, who was missing a large percentage of his fur, to Angell Animal Medical Center in Jamaica Plain where he later died. An autopsy found the cat had suffered multiple BB gunshot wounds to its face and body, officials said.

“What’s happened to him is absolutely horrific… The most purest of evils imaginable,” Kirichenko said.

“Everyone’s in shock about it,” Darling said. “The cat had clearly been tortured.”

Neighbors said they were worried about other acts of cruelty, saying there have been reports of other cats in the area going missing.

“I’m so troubled that someone would be driven to do these awful things,” said Craig Garvin, whose cat went missing and was found with chemical burns.

“I hope everyone keeps their pets close to them and safe until we figure out who this sick person out there that is hurting our innocent pets,” Kirichenko said.

Police are investigating and asking anyone with information to call 617-349-3300. The MSPCA is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an animal cruelty conviction and is asking anyone with information to call the MSPCA’s law enforcement number at 800-628-5808.

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