‘She’s family’: Methuen family asks for help in search for missing support pup

METHUEN, MASS. (WHDH) - A Methuen man is asking for help as he searches for his brother’s beloved support dog Panchita.

Back in March, Jason Interiano’s mother was walking the family dog when she was struck by a car. She survived the hit-and-run and Interiano said his mother is making progress and recovering from her injuries but, Panchita ran away from the crash.

“It’s something that my mother, in and out of consciousness, will constantly ask for. And it just kind of broke my heart because now she feels responsible even though she is not responsible for any of this,” Interiano said.

The chihuahua is an emotional support dog for Interiano’s younger brother, Anderson who has a genetic disorder, is legally blind and suffers from anxiety.

Interiano said Panchita is incredibly important to his brother.

“He would always come home and she would look for him, or if he comes home she’d run straight to him. So, it’s just the bond that they have,” he said. “It allows him to basically calm himself and analyze any given situation.”

Interiano said he has scoured the area and posted fliers in the hopes Panchita is still out there. He said he will not stop until she is home.

“She’s family. It’s just a missing factor in our lives,” he said.

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