Shirley prison remains on lockdown after Hernandez suicide

BOSTON (WHDH) - The Shirley prison where Aaron Hernandez killed himself remains on lockdown Wednesday.

Corrections officers and tactical teams are continuing to search each prison cell for contraband. Sources say that one of the things they are looking for is synthetic marijuana.

And now, a fellow inmate, is claiming that one of the last notes Hernandez wrote was intended for him and not Hernandez’s family. One note was reportedly written to Hernandez’s fiance Shayana Jenkins-Hernandez and the other to their young daughter.

The third note remains a mystery. An attorney claims that it was meant for Kyle Kennedy, a prison friend of Hernandez. He says there is new information about their connection.

But a source close to the Hernandez family told 7News that there were no letters addressed to inmates.

In a new court recording just released, the State’s Secretary of Public Safety explained to the judge and lawyers what he was told was in the letters.

“I don’t even know,” said the secretary, “I have never seen the letters. I have a police report with references to the three letters and a reference to….. how he’s going to be. Essentially, don’t cry for him, he is going to be happy in the afterlife.”

In another court room, a different judge released documents filed by Hernandez’s defense team. They are trying to get Hernandez’s murder conviction in the Odin Lloyd case vacated.

That would set aside the verdict which is an option in Massachusetts if a prisoner dies while the case is still under appeal.

The Bristol County District Attorney plans to oppose the motion.


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