Sleeping woman, nightstand Bible struck by gunshots in Somerville

Gunshots injured a Somerville woman as she was lying in bed with her 6-year-old daughter early Sunday morning and ripped through a Bible in the room, and a relative is calling for action to prevent further violence.

Officers responding to reports of gunshots at an apartment on Memorial Road at 3:30 a.m found a woman who had been shot in the leg, officials said. Nesley Lambert said the woman was his sister and that she and her daughter were in bed when the shots rang out.

“My sister told me that her leg was wet, she said what was going on and then when she stood she didn’t even know if she was hit by a bullet but she saw blood,” Lambert said. “Even the Bible got hit by a bullet.”

The bullet ripped through the Bible’s pages but Lambert said his niece was unhurt and his sister was hospitalized but is expected to be OK. Police are investigating the shooting, and Lambert said he wanted to see changes at the apartment complex.

“Anyone who came to do this came with an intention to kill somebody, there’s five holes in one window,” Lambert said. “They should do something about this situation .. they should at least put a camera [up].”

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