Snowstorm, bitter cold keeps hardware stores busy in Bay State

The weekend snowstorm followed by a bitter blast of cold weather has kept hardware stores busy in the Bay State.

The ice and record cold are creating record profits for hardware store owners.

“Last time it was that busy Sept. 1, which is Allston Christmas, which is the day everyone moves in and out,” said Manager Zachary Minzner.

But there are issues. Model Hardware had an extra trying time keeping up with the demand of ice melt. The store’s forklift failed to start.

In Newton, shovels seemed to be no match for the thick ice.

“Lifted an uneven load at the end of the driveway, snapped in half. My plastic one just broke,” said one man attempting to shovel.

So, Swartz Hardware has repeatedly restocked a shelf to keep up with demand. And no complaints from Robinson’s Hardware. This is a sweet season for them.

“Darn right it is, we weren’t smiling last week,” one worker said.

But the smiles end with the customers.

“It’s miserable,“ a woman inside a hardware store said.

One way or anything, everyone is feeling the freeze.

“We make a good amount of money today, and it’s good for business, just need to go home and take a nap after it,” said one worker.

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