Solve it 7: Amazon Stuck Truck

SANDOWN, N.H. (WHDH) - Like most people during the holidays, Becky and Jeff Stone, of New Hampshire, get a lot of packages delivered to their home. But finding a delivery truck in their front yard was not one they expected!

“Oh look, it has a smile,” said Jeff, wiping off the snow-covered window of the Amazon delivery van on the lawn of their Sandown home last month. But the Stones weren’t smiling about the stuck truck or the problems it could potentially pose for them.

Becky says the ordeal all began when she ordered some shampoo on Amazon. A couple of days later, on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, a delivery driver pulled the van into their driveway to drop off the package. But when she tried to leave, her key broke, so she couldn’t get back into the van.

The cracked key left the driver stranded, so she had to call a tow truck. It took about four hours to arrive, according to Becky. Amazon sent out a second truck to come pick up the stranded driver.

“The tow truck finally came,” she said. She saw the van get put onto the bed of the truck. “We assumed we were good to go,” she said.

It was late, so the Stones went to bed, but the next morning they had an unexpected surprise waiting for them.

“The truck was towed out of our driveway but put on our lawn!” she said.

Confused and concerned, Becky reached out to Amazon.

“[I said] it’s not a delivery issue. Your van is just on our property. We just need to know when it’s being towed,” she said.

Becky says the company gave her a claim number and said someone would call her back in a few hours. When nobody contacted her, Becky called back again and again.

“It’s like Groundhog Day that movie,” she said. “It’s like a repeat every day.”

“I’ve explained multiple times the windows are open in your van, we’ve had horrible rain over Thanksgiving. It’s been flooded, now we’ve had two feet of snow in it!” she said.

After more than a week, unable to get answers from Amazon, and concerned they may end up incurring towing fees if the situation dragged on, Becky and Jeff decided to try another plan. They reached out to Solve It 7.

We contacted Amazon to try to find out what was going on and to tell them about the Stone’s delivery drama. A company representative told us they were going to do some digging and figure out why the van was still there. The Stones got a call that very night, saying they would be out the next morning to remove the stranded van.

After nine days, a rain storm, and two feet of snow which ended up inside the open-windowed van, Jeff’s home video shows the van being loaded onto a tow truck and towed away.

Amazon gave the Stones their yard back and a $250 gift card for their trouble. As for Amazon, the company would only say the reason the truck sat on the Stones property for more than a week is still under investigation.

“I think you guys are great,” says Becky of Solve It 7. “You’re very fast and efficient and I think you guys did a great job. We’re very appreciative for everything you guys have done.”

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