Solve It 7: Billerica Corvette

BILLERICA, MASS. (WHDH) - One of the best parts about retirement for most people is enjoying a little peace and quiet. Leo Murphy isn’t one of those people and his post-retirement hobby sure isn’t a quite one.

Leo loves restoring old cars. His garage is a soundtrack of engine growls and machinery. His latest project is actually one of his oldest.

“[A] seventy-five Corvette Stingray,” he says, smiling.

He’s been working on this classic convertible for the past 20 years. Now that his career is in the rearview mirror, Leo can finally focus on fixing up his fast ride.

“A year ago I really started going at it,” he says. “Frame off restoration, everything completely new.”

That means a new engine, new lights and a new dashboard. But a few things still need to be replaced. Including his windshield…here’s what happened:

Leo needed to have his old windshield removed and a new one installed. Earlier this year, he called an auto glass company to come out to his house to do the job. The technician went to work.

“[He] started in that corner,” says Leo, pointing to the edge of the windshield where it meets the dash. “As soon as he started cutting, it cracked.”

Despite the damage, the technician was able to remove the old windshield. But when Leo went to vacuum up the broken glass, he discovered a problem.

“He broke the dash vent taking it out,” Leo says. “Dented the dash…and cut into it with his knife.”

The brand new $400 dash board that Leo had just installed weeks earlier needed to be replaced again. He called the auto glass company to report what happened.

“I left a message and said, ‘We have a problem that you need to come over and take a look at,'” Leo says.

He says the owner promised him he would take care of the damaged dash and replace the windshield.

“I got two estimates from two local body shops and sent him the estimates,” he says.

One estimate was for around $1,500, the other about $1,600.

That’s when the plan came to a screeching halt. Leo says despite several follow up phone calls, he never heard back.

After several months of silence, Leo pumped the brakes and decided to take a different route.

“I don’t know what to do at this point,” he says. “I said, ‘I’m going to call Solve It 7…see what those guys think.'”

We thought we needed to contact the owner of the auto glass company, which we did. He told us that there may have been some communication issues between him and Leo, but he had every intention of taking care of the damage that was done. Not long after our conversation…Leo’s windshield was re-installed!

“You solved my windshield woes!” he says.

And his dashboard dilemma too. The auto glass company installed the brand new windshield and reimbursed Leo for the cost to replace his damaged dash, bringing this classic car conundrum to an end.

“Thank you Solve It 7, I appreciate it,” Leo says. “You’ve done great.”

Leo’s restoration project is back in cruise control. He’s hoping to have the Corvette finished and out on the road before it’s too cold to drop the top!

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