WORCESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - Airaida Rivera is very close to her brother.

She says, “he used to take care of me as a baby.”

So when he got sick, she knew she had to be by his side.

“He’s been dealing with liver cancer,” she said.

He lives in Pennsylvania so she rented a car to get to him.

“Because I didn’t think my vehicle would make it,” Airaida said.

But before she turned the key to start the rental car she noticed a problem.

Airaida said, “I saw 2 cigarette burns–the car didn’t look like it was too clean. I saw a little scratch on the windshield also.
I was in a rush but I did take the pictures to be on the safe side.”

She snapped photos of the damage.

There was a long line at the rental place so the worker just gave her the keys and didn’t walk out to the car with her to inspect it.

Airaida didn’t have time to wait in line again to talk to someone about the condition of the car so she called the company’s toll-free number to report the issues.

After visiting with her brother Airaida returned the rental car.

There was no one on-site for her to speak with.

A few weeks later she noticed a $250 fee charged to her credit card in addition to the cost of the rental.

Airaida said, “when you rent a car they ask for a down payment just to secure it if anything happens, any damage at all, and I noticed it wasn’t reimbursed back on my credit card.”

She informed the company that she already reported the damage and had photos!

“And I explained to them that didn’t come from me that I have proof that I had the pictures,” she said.

She waited two months but the charge remained.

So she headed in a different direction.

Airaida said, “alright, I’m going to call the news and that’s how I got in touch with you guys.”

We contacted the rental car company and showed them the photos of the damage that Airaida previously reported.

They agreed to refund the full $250.

Airaida said, “Solve It did it, 7News did it!”

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