A Leominster family went solar to save money, but when a surprise charge from their solar company drained their checking account, they contacted Solve It 7.

Nichole remembers exactly when it happened.

She was heading to the grocery store. She jumped in her car, checked her banking app, and panicked!

“I was shocked,” Nichole says. 

Her checking account was overdrawn by over a thousand dollars. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, like, what happened?'” 

Nichole’s bank shed some lighton the problem which involved solar panels she and her husband lease.

They pay about $100 a month. 

“I have automatic payments,” Nichole says. 

But in July the solar panel company mistakenly debited their checking account $2300.

“That was crazy,” Nichole says. 

Nichole called the company and says she felt the burn when she got a response.

“It would take up to 10 days to investigate it, and they’ll get back to me. I said, ‘Oh, no, it will not because I’m negative money,'” Nichole says. 

Nichole’s family had to live off the food they had in the house. 

“I had my house payment coming out, I had a car payment. They weren’t taking it seriously,” Nichole says. 

After seven days without a refund, she called Solve It 7.

“I was totally freaking out,” Nichole says. 

We emailed the company and the next day a representative took action sending Nichole two checks.

One was a refund for the billing error.

And another additional $2500 check for the trouble it caused.

“Oh my god, thank you,” Nichole says. 

A company representative told us “We understand this situation has put her in a tough spot and we’re truly sorry for that.”

Now Nichole has food in her fridge and her bills are paid.

“They weren’t in any rush to do anything until Channel 7 got involved,” Nichole says. 

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