Boston’s North End has seen some changes over the years. Mary Anne Tordiglione has been there for all of them.

“I’ll be 75 that’s how long I’ve been here,” said Mary Anne.

Mary Anne still lives in the same apartment building where she grew up with her extended family.

“It was nice, you knew everybody, someone was always home,” she said.

Last year she moved down to the ground floor apartment and bought all new kitchen appliances, including a new stove.

“May 14th is when I got it and I took out the extended warranty,” said Mary Anne.

The stove worked fine until one October night when Mary Anne got quite the scare, “at about 10:30 pm that night all the alarms went off.”

With her carbon monoxide detector sounding, she called the fire department.

Mary Anne said the fire department knew where the problem was coming from, “he said it was coming from the kitchen in front of the stove.”

Firefighters disconnected her stove. She said it, “scared her to heath”.

Mary Anne called the manufacturer who scheduled a technician to come take a look at her stove, but the company ended up canceling multiple appointments.

“I was upset,” Mary Anne said.

Mary Anne says a company representative offered her money back for the stove, but not for the four-year warranty. When the company wouldn’t budge, Mary Anne asked for a new stove and a new warranty.

She said, “I asked for that (the representative) said no.”

Reaching her boiling point, Mary Anne called, Solve It 7!

We contacted the manufacturer and a representative said they’d get in touch with Mary Anne directly. A short time later, they were able to cook up a solution!

“I could not believe I got a new stove, my neighbors, everybody’s calling,” Mary Anne said.

Mary Anne got a brand-new stove with a new four-year warranty. The company even paid for the installation.

She said, “I was shocked, shocked when they came, very efficient. (They) got that off that truck, came in, they connected it.”

Finally, putting an end to this heated situation.

“Oh Solve It 7 is the best. I love it, “ Mary Anne said.

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