Bali, Indonesia is an exotic destination, and Savannah Phim couldn’t wait to see it in person.

“I migrate here for a very long time so I wanted to travel,” Savannah said.

Savannah lives in Lowell, more than 10,000 miles away from the Island of the Gods, so back in March she jumped online and found the trip she was looking for on Expedia.Com.

“I don’t feel confident enough to book it for myself, so I called them,” she explained.

Savannah says she and the Expedia agent worked together on the phone and came up with the perfect trip to Bali for her and her husband, so she booked it.

“They ask me my first name, my last name, how it’s spelled, your date of birth,” Savannah said.

Savannah says she gave the agent all of the required information and paid for the trip, which came out to be a little more than $2,200. A few minutes later she received a confirmation email from Expedia. That’s when Savannah noticed a problem.

“I look over everything and I saw the ‘h’ was missing,” Savannah said. They had left off the last letter of her first name.

“I called the embassy. They said, ‘You cannot cross the border. You have to make everything in the passport the same as the travel, the itinerary,'” Savannah said.

Thinking this was an easy fix, Savannah called Expedia, but says the person she spoke with told her that she would have to contact the airline to make the correction. So she did.

“They told me that you can correct, but you have to pay $500 out of your pocket,” Savannah said.

$500 to fix a mistake that Savannah says she didn’t make, so she called Expedia back.

“It’s not even my fault. You need to correct it please. Back and forth, back and forth,” Savannah remembered.

But with her trip quickly approaching and no resolution, Savannah reached out to Solve it 7.

We reached out to Expedia to further explain Savannah’s concern.

“They did call me back in a couple, maybe in 48 hours,” Savannah said.

After a few more conversations with the company, Savannah received the news she’d been waiting for.

“I spoke with the corporate office and they fixed it,” she said.

With their problem solved, the couple is now bound for Bali

“I said ‘Oh thank God!’ I forwarded it to you and said ‘Kris, I got it,’ and I was so happy,” Savannah said.

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