BOSTON (WHDH) - “I’m going to have a small pantry here,” says Phyllis Wooden, proudly displaying the renovations underway in her Roxbury kitchen.

You can’t see her big smile under her mask, but Phyllis is thrilled.

“I never thought I’d live to do something like this,” says Phyllis of all the work being done on her house. The renovations include a new kitchen and new appliances, including a fridge.

Phyllis found a fabulous fridge online. It cost almost $2,000, but to her, it was worth every penny.

“I’m 66,” says Phyllis. “I think I should splurge a little!”

Phyllis had to save for that splurge. Since she didn’t need the new fridge until the renovations were done, she had an idea.

“I said, ‘I’m going to lay it away,'” she says. “‘Hopefully in three or four months I’ll have it.'”

Phyllis made her layaway payments using her Cash App debit card. After a few months, she was ready to make her final payment, but her fridge account was frozen!

“It kept saying locked out account,” she says.

Confused, Phyllis called the appliance store. She found out her account was locked because the fridge she wanted was out of stock.

“I said, ‘How did that happen?'” says Phyllis. “It was on layaway.”

Phyllis didn’t get too disappointed because once she got her layaway money back, she could buy the same refrigerator somewhere else.

“They told me it would be three days and I would get my refund,” she says.

Three days turned into weeks of waiting and still no money. Phyllis called the store and was told her refund had already been issued. So where was her cold cash? Phyllis called Solve It 7 to find out.

The store gave us the transaction numbers attached to Phyllis’s refund. Next, we reached out to Cash App and their representative figured out the problem. Phyllis made her first layaway payment with her debit card, but when she misplaced that card Cash App closed the account and issued her a new one. The refund was sent to the old account. That’s why Phyllis didn’t see the money.

“They gave me my money and I’m so glad and blessed!” says Phyllis after seeing the refund go through.

Now with the renovations complete, Phyllis can buy the only piece that’s still missing: the fridge!

“I’m grateful…I’m so grateful, I don’t know what to do!” says Phyllis. “If anybody is in trouble and they’re having a hard time, go to Solve It 7.”

Phyllis plans to have her new fridge delivered and installed by the end of this month.

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